The mindset of highly successful people


 I’ve been working on something for a while that I cannot wait to share with you. My free, Body School For Women Summit  brings together twenty three experts who share their best strategies and advice for feeling happier, healthier and stronger in body & mind.  I interviewed Amanda Russell and 22 other trailblazers who have found the most effective ways to mind/body health and wellness.
Taken together, these interviews form the map you need to overcome the barriers you face in reaching your wellness goals.  The event runs April 11 – 20th and registration is FREE and now open. It’s online so there’s no travel or planning headaches. Just sign up, log on, and learn from the best and brightest. Find out more here.
To give you a head start, I have a preview of my interview with Amanda.  Not only is she a fitness and marketing guru (and one of my favorite people in the world!), but also one of the most inspirational people I’ve met when it comes to pushing through challenges to reach her goals! 
Here’s the truth:
We have all faced difficult challenges and obstacles on the journey to reach our goals.  But, why do some people push through and succeed while others give up and quit?  It’s all in the mind!  You have the privilege of deciding how YOU want to think about any situation.  You can choose to move through roadblocks and figure out how to succeed or fixate on the odds and never get anywhere.  Yes, you really do have that much power!
Watch as Amanda and why you can ” never let the finish line out of your sight” and the importance of staying focused on your goals every day!


I have a full interview with Amanda coming out during The Body School For Women Summit that you must catch too!  Click here to reserve your free online spot!  You’ll get this interview (and 22 others) delivered straight to your inbox!