New Group Starts Tuesday, February 13th 2018!



THE ILLUMINATED WOMAN, is a new 6-week group coaching program I am running with nutritionist and functional medicine expert Dana James.  It’s the next generation of THE BODY PROJECT group!

The program is designed to help you shed pounds, lose body fat and change your relationship to your body and food.  Behind the excess weight are often other issues – stress, digestion, brain fog, self-defeating beliefs and patterns and much more.  Dana James and I dive into all of this in THE ILLUMINATED WOMAN.

Our goal is to re-empower you with knowledge, tools, pretty food and connection.  We show you how to interpret your body’s signals, cravings and negative thoughts.  We have seen how powerful food, movement and dismantling beliefs is in reshaping the body and bringing peace to the mind.

We’d love you to join us for these six very special weeks!
We want every woman to not only look and feel beautiful but also have more energy, clarity and magnetism!


  • Seven-day meal plans for each week – these are plant-rich plans that can be adjusted for a vegan diet.
  • 70-minute calls for 6 consecutive weeks.
  • Your own 45-minute private coaching call with me to tackle specific concerns.
  • Emails to troubleshoot and remind you that you’re supported on this journey.
  • Commitment to each other and ourselves to stay motivated, focused and nourished over this 6-week program.


  • 1lb raw, organic Beauti-fuel protein powder developed by Dana James.
  • Unlimited body composition readings in NYC and LA.
  • My 7-day Brain & Body Boot Camp program, featuring fitness guru Amanda Russell of, with streaming video and mind exercises.


  • Tuesday, February 13 @ 7:45 ET for 6 consecutive weeks.
  • Virtual call – All calls are recorded in case you miss one.


$699 for 6-week program.  Discount to $625 for payment by January 25th.



Week 1:  The Female Architecture
How our hormones influence the distribution of body fat and how you can change them through food.

Week 2:  Your Vision of Beauty
Uncovering your personal goals and dreams for beauty on the inside and the outside.  We will also explore how to build and maintain higher levels of self-confidence and change limiting thought patterns.

Week 3:  The Invisible Forces
How your environment, your microbiome and subconscious belief patterns keep the weight stuck and what to do about it.

Week 4:  The Merging of the Mind and Body
How meditation and breath affect your physiology and psychology and help bring your mind into alignment.

Week 5:  Overcoming Obstacles
Learn how to move through fear by looking at patterns of perfectionism, overwhelm, confusion and procrastination plus how they relate to your deeper fears.

Week 6:  Invincibility in Our Absence
Using your feminine strength to stay grounded and supported.