“Christine has changed my life. She is no bullshit, calls me on my squirreliness, and inspires me to do better and be the best possible version of myself.”
Research Consultant

“I’ve worked with numerous coaches before and I can say Christine is one of the best out there. Her style isn’t scary like some of the others. She is fun while still being firm. In fact, I feel so close to Christine like she’s my big sister keeping me in check but also an angel on my shoulder guiding me to fulfill my life dreams.

I was scared to death of having children. When I got pregnant, Christine helped me design a beautiful life with my new daughter. I now couldn’t imagine life without my little girl. Also, during and after the pregnancy I worked with Christine on my fitness and weight goals. Before I got pregnant I had been struggling to lose those last 10 pounds for years. With Christine’s help I designed my dream body and put together a doable plan to get there. With her help I had a healthy pregnancy. And by the time my baby was 6 months old I was back into dresses and pants that I hadn’t fit into in years!”
Internet Marketing Specialist

“I wasn’t really sure how I felt about life coaching, I only knew that I needed to make a crucial career change and I wanted to go about finding a new job differently than I had always done in the past. I really wanted a job that enhanced my life, and gave me the opportunity to begin writing again, which has always been a lifelong goal.

I researched life coaches for a while, uncertain if I even believed in the concept of life coaching. After my first call with Christine she had gained my trust and my faith. I felt invigorated and hopeful for the first time in a very long while, and in those early sessions, I had a great sense of having a partner in this process… Christine had my back. She wasn’t going to let me end up in a job that would be less than great for me. And, she kept me on track with all of my goals in a way that I responded to. She creatively called me on my “stuff” and showed me how I could create change.

Christine and I have been working together for almost a year now and the whole coaching process taught me so much about myself, how my family history fits into the puzzle that I am today, and I identified character traits that clearly weave through all aspects of my life. I’ve been working to overcome those that have been unhealthy and nurturing the healthier traits. I’ve learned so much about authentic integrity and I place great value on keeping promises to myself. I love the version of myself that is flourishing, and I have tools to draw on for the rest of my life. I reached my original goal a few months ago when I started my new job, which is everything I wanted when I designed what I was looking for. I’ve also been working on some of my secondary goals throughout the year, and as I continue my journey with life coaching, I love this process more and more. I can really see how much I accomplished this last year and am so grateful that Christine always has my back.”
Corporate Communications Executive

“Christine Young has been instrumental in helping me identify and live the life of my dreams. She is the perfect balance of warm, sweet, smart, and that kick in the ass that you need! With her coaching, I have become a PhD, written a book, created Master’s level university courses, and am living a life that I have designed – along with creating my own talk show. Most importantly she has helped me realize that my dreams are within reach and I can achieve anything I put my mind to.”

“Christine tells it like it is and sometimes it is stuff that is very hard to hear. But she finds a way to say what no one else will say – my great friends, awesome family, inner voice – while remaining supportive and not making me insanely angry. Then, we figure out how to turn it around together. In a nutshell, that honesty and focus is what makes this experience so remarkable.”
Educational Consultant

“My experience with Christine has been extraordinary. She listens and knows how to get the answers you already have from deep inside you. Every session is a realization, and she won’t let me get lazy! She’s warm and strong, a perfect combo in my book! Christine Young has shown me how to be the person I’ve always aspired to be!”
Marketing Executive

“Christine is awesome! She has an amazing ability to get right at the heart of what’s going on, what I’m struggling with, what I’m not seeing, what I’m holding back, what I need to address and what will motivate me to change. From weight loss to time management to interpersonal issues — Christine is challenging and inspiring me to change my life. I’m learning to dream again, and she’s giving me the tools to make those dreams come true!

“I want you to know that I truly enjoy working with you and appreciate your persistence, plus you are helping to keep me honest! You have a very effective style and I am learning a lot about me – more than I ever have before.”
President Promotions Agency