Is it possible to detox our insecurities?

Last week I mentioned a FREE online event I’ve been working on for the last couple of months, The Body School For Women.  I’ll send you complimentary sign-up details next week! I’m so excited to bring you these interviews so I wanted to send another little preview!
Detoxing has been getting so much attention lately and there are literally hundreds of different recommendations and strategies for detoxing our bodies. (And yes I’ve tried many of them as I bet you have too!)
But, I have never heard anything about detoxing from insecurities!
Such a cool concept and I was interested but skeptical.  I don’t know about you but many of my insecurities have been around a long time and are buried pretty deep.
Last week I had the privilege of talking about “Insecurity Detox” with Trish Blackwell (  Besides being an incredible person with her own inspiring body image journey, Trish is a confidence coach, fitness professional and author of several books.
I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of her book and check it out.  The cool part of this detox is that it’s not about removing things, as you would in a typical detox, but rather by adding things.
Watch this clip and get one of her body insecurity detoxes to try right now!
Enjoy the video and I’ll be sending you sign-up details for The Body School for Women Summit next week.  (And you’ll be able to watch Trish’s full interview including her inspiring journey of making peace with her own body and finding confidence!)