I give up – Julia’s story

juliaMy client Julia called me yesterday in despair!
“I promised to make big changes in my life this year.  I was so excited and motivated on January 1st!  Now only 2 weeks later I’ve basically thrown them all out the window. “
In the past year, Julia had been under a lot of stress and had let her bad habits take over.  Her company had downsized and even though she didn’t lose her job, she was doing the work of 3 people AND being underpaid. For months she didn’t put much effort into finding that great relationship she wanted so badly and had shied away from many social plans. “I don’t have the time or the energy and I feel so blah” she sighed.
Julia didn’t feel confident and hadn’t been motivated to do anything consistently about it.  She kept putting it all off.  Julia didn’t feel good physically or mentally about herself or her body.  She kept promising to improve her eating habits and get into a regular exercise routine saying, “Once things slow down I’ll really focus on myself”. 
Julia realized that an entire year had passed and she was still stuck in the same place, making the same promises to herself and not following through. She asked me the magic question,
“What’s wrong with me and why do I keep doing this to myself?”
I recited one of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles to Julia:  “Do you not see that all your misery comes from the strange belief that you are powerless?”
Then I asked her if she wanted to be complaining about the same issues a year from now!
Julia had been afraid of stepping into her greatness and going for all of her dreams.  She had been unwilling to push through discomfort.  She was stuck in a pattern of settling, tolerating and holding onto safety.  Julia was playing small to stay under the radar rather than taking the powerful actions to be that woman she dreamed of being.
But, I could hear in her voice, Julia was ready to step into her power, make herself a priority and go for excellence!  She said, “I see I keep procrastinating and so much time is going by.  I’m missing out on so much.”
At the top of her list was feeling great in her body and mind.
It was time to pour on the self-love and self-care she had been missing.  She was ready to let go of the justifications and bad inner dialog she had entertained and believed for so long.
Are you ready for your own dose of self-love and self-care?  It can help you change anything!
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