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A Brand New Program!

September 11th, 2017- It BEGINS!  

Are you ready to see if you have what it takes?

If you truly want to ‘have it all’, the sexy body, the loving relationships, the boundless energy, the ‘real’ happiness, you need to do more than just ‘want it’.
You need to commit to it!

But even wanting and committing isn’t enough, if you don’t know how to get there.

I have the action plan, and I am challenging you to take it on!

Ready? Here’s the plan!
(We only have a limited number of slots, while you have the invite, if you don’t sign up in time, spaces WILL fill up fast, the opportunity will be gone, so ACT now, or you may lose it forever).

The Plan

EVERY DAY you are faced with two choices:



A Special 28-Day Complete Mind, Body, Fitness, and Nutrition Coaching Program.  September 11th, We BEGIN!
Cost for the program is $149.

We kick off each week with a live weekly call with Amanda Russell (one of the industry’s leading experts in fitness, wellness and change as well as the founder of and myself, to discuss your plan for the week, set goals and address key questions and challenges which you can submit during the week prior to each call.
All calls will be recorded in case you miss one or just want to listen again. 

You will receive:

  • A specific daily workout routine along with the video to lead you through it and ‘do it together’ in real time with Amanda.
  • A FREE one-month membership to so you can get all the full-length workout videos.
  • Weekly nutrition plan and guide and weekly shopping guide (along with tips and tricks).
  • Weekly strategies and brain training techniques to stay on track with your goals and train your mind to work FOR you.
  • Private group Facebook page for this small but solid club to post your questions, struggles, milestones, and truly get to know each other and form lasting ‘real’ friendships with the women in this club. There is strength in having a ‘power posse’ of women friends.
  • Amanda and I will be monitoring the page daily answering all questions directly there or on the weekly call.

Stop sitting on the fence. Raise the bar. Own your life.  

Join The Experience!

How to join :

Simply CLICK HERE to register and secure your spot.  We will be in touch with the details. The total cost is $149 for the 4-week program. I’m so excited to have you join us!

I give up – Julia’s story

juliaMy client Julia called me yesterday in despair!
“I promised to make big changes in my life this year.  I was so excited and motivated on January 1st!  Now only 2 weeks later I’ve basically thrown them all out the window. “
In the past year, Julia had been under a lot of stress and had let her bad habits take over.  Her company had downsized and even though she didn’t lose her job, she was doing the work of 3 people AND being underpaid. For months she didn’t put much effort into finding that great relationship she wanted so badly and had shied away from many social plans. “I don’t have the time or the energy and I feel so blah” she sighed.
Julia didn’t feel confident and hadn’t been motivated to do anything consistently about it.  She kept putting it all off.  Julia didn’t feel good physically or mentally about herself or her body.  She kept promising to improve her eating habits and get into a regular exercise routine saying, “Once things slow down I’ll really focus on myself”. 
Julia realized that an entire year had passed and she was still stuck in the same place, making the same promises to herself and not following through. She asked me the magic question,
“What’s wrong with me and why do I keep doing this to myself?”
I recited one of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles to Julia:  “Do you not see that all your misery comes from the strange belief that you are powerless?”
Then I asked her if she wanted to be complaining about the same issues a year from now!
Julia had been afraid of stepping into her greatness and going for all of her dreams.  She had been unwilling to push through discomfort.  She was stuck in a pattern of settling, tolerating and holding onto safety.  Julia was playing small to stay under the radar rather than taking the powerful actions to be that woman she dreamed of being.
But, I could hear in her voice, Julia was ready to step into her power, make herself a priority and go for excellence!  She said, “I see I keep procrastinating and so much time is going by.  I’m missing out on so much.”
At the top of her list was feeling great in her body and mind.
It was time to pour on the self-love and self-care she had been missing.  She was ready to let go of the justifications and bad inner dialog she had entertained and believed for so long.
Are you ready for your own dose of self-love and self-care?  It can help you change anything!
Here’s my suggestion:
I teach this 6-week coaching course with Dana James (my favorite, life changing nutritionist of all time).
It starts Monday, January 30th and runs for 6 consecutive weeks.  All calls are recorded in case you can’t make the phone call live!
Space is limited.  $699 for 6-week program plus lots of extra bonuses and goodies.  We’re offering a special discounted price or $625 if you register by Friday, January 20th.

Why fear was responsible for Jenny having nothing to wear

unhappydeskSo Jenny put on a loose fitting outfit that made her feel dumpy but at least she was out the door and on her way to work.
She sat at her desk wondering why she kept doing the same thing over and over.
She resisted the urge to just feel sorry for herself and called her friend Jill to talk through the situation.  I worked with Jill 2 years ago and Jenny saw her transformation.
Often Jenny thought of getting the support she needed to break through and get results but, didn’t want to spend the money and believed she should be able to do it on her own anyway.
Those were two stories she was telling herself that kept her stuck, not living in the present and putting off living the life she was really capable of, dreamed of, and meant to live.
But after the morning’s disheartening stand off with her closet, Jenny realized she had been putting off taking important actions and making changes for months and even years. 
When I met Jenny, I felt her pain and frustration. I’ve been there,  more times than I care to recall!
Here’s what I learned from those experiences:
Under all those justifications and stories I told myself…
I was just afraid.
I mean really afraid. 
It was much more comfortable for me to do nothing and really believe I would get there eventually, just not today.
Except I wasn’t fully happy.
Jenny and I talked about what she had been struggling to achieve, the reality of her present situation and, most importantly, why she THOUGHT she was not succeeding.
fearquoteThe negative self-talk she was replaying over and over each day was the root of her problem!
We uncovered the beliefs and patterns that were getting in her way of her body and wellness success.
Guess what…
The very same way of thinking that was sabotaging her weight loss was also the culprit in why she didn’t have the relationship or the job and money she really wanted. 
We walked together through the fear that was showing up as procrastination, overwhelm and lack of willpower in her life.
Like most of us, Jenny didn’t even know how afraid she really was!
Fast-forward a few months, Jenny lost the 15 lbs. she was fighting for years and created a new relationship with her body and food.  She also finally asked for that promotion and raise and is happily dating a great guy.
Yes, those are great achievements and they feel good but what Jenny really gained was courage, pride and a trust in herself. 
She realized she could trust herself to push through fear, handle difficult situations and still be OK.
What Jenny really gained was confidence! 
I often say confidence is a verb.  It doesn’t come one day because you’ve lost a few pounds or accomplished a goal.
True, lasting confidence comes from showing up everyday for yourself and living up to your own ideals.  It comes from feeling afraid and having the courage to go for it anyway.
This is important…
It’s OK to be afraid, everyone is afraid. 
The fear is not going to go away until you take action.
Your dreams have to be bigger than your fears and you have to be willing to do the work. 
And feeling fear isn’t a bad thing; it just means you are growing.
I invite you to step into the life you say you want.  Learn to say yes to yourself, create confidence and finally break through and take consistent action.
If you feel like it’s your time – here is an application for a one-on-one program I’ve put together. I designed this program to set you up with support, personalized attention and a customized plan to step into the life you’ve been putting off.  We’ll have a chat and see if it is a good fit to work together.​

Jenny’s making those changes today – no really!

tired-morning1After yesterday’s disappointing debacle of overeating, procrastinating at work and hiding from the world all evening with Netflix and a few glasses of wine, Jenny woke up feeling less than well-rested but determined to make changes TODAY.
“OK I hit snooze a few times more than I wanted but had a green juice, got to work on time and signed up for my favorite spin class.”
“I’m even going to cancel my plans for tonight so I won’t be tempted!”
Now it’s 3pm:
“Ugh – I feel like crap.  I’m hungry and bored.  Why do I feel even worse today than I did yesterday? Why is this so hard? Maybe I don’t really care so much and it doesn’t even matter.  Nothing is going to change anyway.”
Jenny was reminded about the after work drinks –  a farewell send off to that guy in the art department she barely knows.
“I don’t want to go, everyone will be eating and drinking crappy bar food.  But I have to go or it will look bad.  I’ll just have some sparkling water, stay for an hour and go home.”
Several hours and 2 glasses of wine later…..
“I’m so hungry, I’ll just have a few fries.  OMG, I just ate that entire bowl of nuts.  Oh screw it.  I don’t care. I deserve to enjoy myself.”
nothingfitsThe next morning, standing in front of her closet trying to find something to wear AGAIN, Jenny just wanted to go back to bed.
She thought about starting over again today but, honestly, knows herself too well.
Jenny is disappointed, discouraged and totally unmotivated.
The workday ahead feels unmanageable, she’s definitely not going to call that client today, workout or respond to the friend who wants to get together.
Jenny makes promises to herself and rarely keeps them.
She promises to look for a new job but doesn’t update her resume, she vows to go to bed early yet watches TV until 1am, she commits to a budget and goes overboard online shopping.
Sure, not one of those is a life changing, deal breaker decision but they pile up day after day until Jenny has stack of broken promises to herself that’s so high she can’t even trust herself to skip the cocktails one night, let alone have that great life she really wants.
The good news is Jenny has a choice.
We all have a choice – every day.
But nothing is going to change if you keep thinking and doing things the same way day after day.
I’ll leave you with that thought!

Carrot muffins, chocolate and a juice cleanse

Jenny sat through what she felt was a useless, completely boring never-ending meeting. That Monday afternoon she was feeling tired, restless and already depleted from the day. She had spent the weekend having fun but, as usual, overindulging on sugar, alcohol and then there was last night’s pizza and ice cream. 
She promised herself today would be a reset.
Not only a food reset but a “today I step up my game” new attitude.  Jenny vowed to:  get up early, workout, meditate, be on time for everything, get focused at work and even make some fun social plans.
She overslept and didn’t workout or meditate but had a healthy smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch.
But now – at 3pm – Jenny was hungry, tired, totally unmotivated and wanted SOMETHING to get her through the rest of the workday.
The vending machine was ominous plus there were baked goods left over from an earlier meeting just sitting by the office printer.  Jenny broke off a piece of the carrot muffin,  “it’s just a small piece,” she thought.
Many “little” pieces later, topped off by a diet soda and potato chips, she felt bloated, completely unfocused and frustrated with herself.  
That painful inner conversation began again,
“What is wrong with me? Why did I just eat that?  Now the whole day is blown.
I promised myself I would get back on track today and I can’t get through one day.
I don’t have any willpower or discipline.
I’m tired, my clothes feel tight and I just don’t have the energy to even care right now.
I really don’t have the energy to be great today.  I just want to get through the day and go home.”
After complaining to her work colleague and surfing the internet she rebounded a bit;
“I need a jumpstart!”
“I know, I’ll start a juice cleanse tomorrow. That’s just what I need to kick my butt.  A few days of juice and smoothies and I’ll feel like a new person.  I’m so excited to start tomorrow.
Feeling optimistic, Jenny grabbed a couple of pieces of chocolate out of the candy jar on her co-workers desk – after all tomorrow starts a new chapter and she won’t be able to indulge for a long time!
What do you think Jenny did the next day? 
Did she eat clean, workout, become superwoman at work and feel more confident and proud of herself?
Would you bet on her? 
Does it really matter what she thinks, eats and believes in for herself anyway?
Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in on how Jenny’s next day went!

How much is not feeling great in your body costing you?




I paid a high price for many years.

Even though everything looked OK on the outside, my mind was busy waging a battle with my body and food.

It not only affected my health and wellness but also my relationships, my job and, most importantly, my confidence and self-trust in ME.

I was living a small life.

I knew it. I kept promising I would “start tomorrow”. I kept selling out on myself. I kept feeling bad about it and about myself.

I had always thought my willpower was the issue and if I just tried harder with my food choices it would all come together. But, if the approach stays the same then the result will be the same.

So I went on a journey of reading, learning and trying different approaches. I realized it was not just about food and willpower – in fact it all started with my thoughts. I took a good look inside my head and became painfully aware of my sabotaging patterns and beliefs. Then I got to work deciding what and how I really WANTED to think.

The choice was always mine and I chose to stay stuck. I just didn’t know it. That awareness was more powerful than I ever imagined. It’s the catalyst to change.

I learned to trust myself to push through fear, handle uncomfortable feelings and situations and still be OK.

What I ended up gaining was confidence.

I learned to show up for myself and do my best to live up to my own ideals around food and my body consistently. Some days I didn’t feel like it but I learned tools to stay focused and do it anyway.

I want that for any woman who is suffering over food and body.

I’ve partnered with functional nutritionist Dana James [ ] to create a very special program to get you started on that path. The Body Project is a 6-week group that promises to transform not only how you look at your body and food, but also how you show up in the world.

I invite you to register for my 6-week group program designed to get you the results you’ve been dreaming of and putting off.
Click here to sign up or get more information 


* Seven-day meal plans for each week – these are plant-rich plans that can be adjusted for a vegan diet.
* 70-minute live calls for 6 consecutive weeks.
* Your own 45-minute private coaching call with me to tackle specific concerns.
* Emails to troubleshoot and remind you that you’re supported on this journey.
* Instagram food photos to be inspired by and to inspire.
* Commitment to each other and ourselves to stay motivated, focused and nourished over this 6-week program.

* Kick off call Tuesday, May 31st @8pm ET. The following 4 calls will be Monday evenings (June 6th, June 13th, June 20th and June 27th) @8pm. The final call will be Tuesday, July 5th @8pmET.
* All calls conducted via phone and are recorded in case you miss one.


* My 7-day Brain & Body Boot Camp program, featuring fitness guru Amanda Russell of, with streaming video and mind exercises.
* Unlimited body composition readings in NYC and LA.
* 1lb raw, organic Beauti-fuel protein powder developed by Dana James.

The mindset of highly successful people


 I’ve been working on something for a while that I cannot wait to share with you. My free, Body School For Women Summit  brings together twenty three experts who share their best strategies and advice for feeling happier, healthier and stronger in body & mind.  I interviewed Amanda Russell and 22 other trailblazers who have found the most effective ways to mind/body health and wellness.
Taken together, these interviews form the map you need to overcome the barriers you face in reaching your wellness goals.  The event runs April 11 – 20th and registration is FREE and now open. It’s online so there’s no travel or planning headaches. Just sign up, log on, and learn from the best and brightest. Find out more here.
To give you a head start, I have a preview of my interview with Amanda.  Not only is she a fitness and marketing guru (and one of my favorite people in the world!), but also one of the most inspirational people I’ve met when it comes to pushing through challenges to reach her goals! 
Here’s the truth:
We have all faced difficult challenges and obstacles on the journey to reach our goals.  But, why do some people push through and succeed while others give up and quit?  It’s all in the mind!  You have the privilege of deciding how YOU want to think about any situation.  You can choose to move through roadblocks and figure out how to succeed or fixate on the odds and never get anywhere.  Yes, you really do have that much power!
Watch as Amanda and why you can ” never let the finish line out of your sight” and the importance of staying focused on your goals every day!


I have a full interview with Amanda coming out during The Body School For Women Summit that you must catch too!  Click here to reserve your free online spot!  You’ll get this interview (and 22 others) delivered straight to your inbox!


Are you emotionally unavailable? You may be surprised!

I’ve been working on something for a while that I cannot wait to share with you. My free, Body School For Women Summit  brings together twenty three experts who share their best strategies and advice for feeling happier, healthier and stronger in body & mind.  I’ll be interviewing wellness gurus Keri Glassman, Amanda Russell, Rose Cole, Mira Kelley, Natalia Petrzela, Bec Robbins, Trish Blackwell, Tina Paymaster, Elisa Haggarty, Kat Hurley, Fern Olivia, Isabel Foxen Duke, Rodolfo Young and ten other trailblazers who have found the most effective ways to mind/body health and wellness.
Taken together, these interviews form the map you need to overcome the barriers you face in reaching your wellness goals.  The event runs April 11 – 20th and registration is FREE and now open. It’s online so there’s no travel or planning headaches. Just sign up, log on, and learn from the best and brightest. Find out more here.
To give you a head start, I have a preview of my interview with LOVE COACH & AUTHOR, MONICA PARIKH.  Not only is Monica a talented coach (and one of my favorite people in the world!), she’s also one of the most insightful people I’ve met when it comes to dating and relationships! 
Most of us have experienced a time of dreaming, pining and suffering over that person we believed was so perfect for us.  Or that feeling of insane chemistry with someone you know isn’t really “right” for you but you just can’t seem to stay away from. We’ve convinced ourselves that once some circumstances changed it would be smooth sailing. 
Watch as Monica gives the lowdown on what’s often behind our pursuit of the unavailable partner and some tips on what to do when you just can’t stay away!
I have a full interview with Monica coming out during The Body School For Women Summit that you must catch too!

Is it possible to detox our insecurities?

Last week I mentioned a FREE online event I’ve been working on for the last couple of months, The Body School For Women.  I’ll send you complimentary sign-up details next week! I’m so excited to bring you these interviews so I wanted to send another little preview!
Detoxing has been getting so much attention lately and there are literally hundreds of different recommendations and strategies for detoxing our bodies. (And yes I’ve tried many of them as I bet you have too!)
But, I have never heard anything about detoxing from insecurities!
Such a cool concept and I was interested but skeptical.  I don’t know about you but many of my insecurities have been around a long time and are buried pretty deep.
Last week I had the privilege of talking about “Insecurity Detox” with Trish Blackwell (  Besides being an incredible person with her own inspiring body image journey, Trish is a confidence coach, fitness professional and author of several books.
I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of her book and check it out.  The cool part of this detox is that it’s not about removing things, as you would in a typical detox, but rather by adding things.
Watch this clip and get one of her body insecurity detoxes to try right now!
Enjoy the video and I’ll be sending you sign-up details for The Body School for Women Summit next week.  (And you’ll be able to watch Trish’s full interview including her inspiring journey of making peace with her own body and finding confidence!)