Are you emotionally unavailable? You may be surprised!

I’ve been working on something for a while that I cannot wait to share with you. My free, Body School For Women Summit  brings together twenty three experts who share their best strategies and advice for feeling happier, healthier and stronger in body & mind.  I’ll be interviewing wellness gurus Keri Glassman, Amanda Russell, Rose Cole, Mira Kelley, Natalia Petrzela, Bec Robbins, Trish Blackwell, Tina Paymaster, Elisa Haggarty, Kat Hurley, Fern Olivia, Isabel Foxen Duke, Rodolfo Young and ten other trailblazers who have found the most effective ways to mind/body health and wellness.
Taken together, these interviews form the map you need to overcome the barriers you face in reaching your wellness goals.  The event runs April 11 – 20th and registration is FREE and now open. It’s online so there’s no travel or planning headaches. Just sign up, log on, and learn from the best and brightest. Find out more here.
To give you a head start, I have a preview of my interview with LOVE COACH & AUTHOR, MONICA PARIKH.  Not only is Monica a talented coach (and one of my favorite people in the world!), she’s also one of the most insightful people I’ve met when it comes to dating and relationships! 
Most of us have experienced a time of dreaming, pining and suffering over that person we believed was so perfect for us.  Or that feeling of insane chemistry with someone you know isn’t really “right” for you but you just can’t seem to stay away from. We’ve convinced ourselves that once some circumstances changed it would be smooth sailing. 
Watch as Monica gives the lowdown on what’s often behind our pursuit of the unavailable partner and some tips on what to do when you just can’t stay away!
I have a full interview with Monica coming out during The Body School For Women Summit that you must catch too!