Meet Christine

ChristineFor over a decade, Christine has lead private and corporate clients to find solutions, take action and create sustainable positive change. Her clients land dream jobs, find soul mates, become better leaders and step into the success they were born to achieve. After graduating from Skidmore College, Christine worked in advertising management with several large New York based international firms for over eight years. Through this experience she developed a desire to work solely at the individual level and transitioned into corporate recruiting. After seven years as a recruiter with a leading NYC firm, Christine realized her ultimate dream of becoming a coach. She worked with The Handel Group for eight years, in both the private and corporate divisions, prior to creating her own company in 2014. Currently, Christine works with clients both in-person and virtually, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals. She also works with several large international corporations (including Bloomberg & L.E.K.) as well as many smaller size boutique companies. Christine lives in NYC with her husband Stuart and their English Bulldog Lulu.

My life didn’t work for a long time. My relationships, my career, my body… for years, nothing was really working. I wasn’t living a life that fulfilled me. It wasn’t a life that I woke up excited to be living.

I had great reasons why I wasn’t living a life that I loved. My parent’s long tumultuous marriage and divorce had affected me. I decided it was too late to leave my 15+years long career in advertising. I would have to take a pay cut and believed I wasn’t really qualified for anything else. My marriage was failing; I had married an addict and decided it was better to stick it out with him then face the world on my own again.

Then one day, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired of myself.

I started upon a journey of transformation. I read books, went on retreats and found myself a life coach. After my first session with my coach I felt a major shift. It had never occurred to me that I was at the heart of all my problems. I realized that it was ME and not outside circumstances and people keeping me stuck in a life that I was surviving, rather than thriving, through. This was incredibly powerful and life changing, for I saw, and I mean really saw, that if I had the ability to create what I had been settling for, I certainly could create what I wanted.

So with equal amounts of work and facing down my fears, I reset my life and starting building what I had always wanted. Once I began living in the realm of possibilities, I had an amazing revelation – I wanted to be a life coach! I wanted to help those people like me get unstuck and tumble headfirst into a life that they really, truly loved. Before starting my own business, I spent 8 years working with The Handel Group as a Senior Coach and Director of their Body Program. I loved working with people to sort out what was preventing them from getting to their dreams and to learn to manage their minds. I watched hundreds of clients transform as they learned to listen to the voice of their dreams and face down the “I don’t feel like it” or “I’m afraid” lines they had been listening to.

Today I am happily living a life I’m proud of and doing work I absolutely love. I have learned to dream big and no longer believe in limitations. I’ve learned that there is no such thing as being fearless – only having the courage to go for my dreams.